The following is a list of services our company currently provides.

We are a flexible company with a wide and varied skill set not just limited to the list below, so please do not hesitate to contact us with any Inquiries.

NetWork Integration

Design and implementation of internet and LAN projects, as well as installation and maintenance of software. We have it all covered.

Software Development

Operating System, Database, Programming Language! We will choose the best way for you and your product.

Development of Communication Services

We utilize video and sound communication, Groupware usage, and networks to develop gobal business support systems designed for you.

Education and Training related to IT and Software development

Using our technology and know-how, we can provide the knowledge and tools necessary for all people from beginners to professionals to improve skills and employment prospects.

Financial and tax services for imports and exports enterprises

Using data coming from china, tax reports are generated based on the policies of china and japan.

Translation Service between Chinese and Japanese

Documents, software, web sites and more. We provide translation services between Chinese and Japanese.