Privacy Policy

Since establishment in 1996, we have gathered a lot of personal information through our business. We take the protection of personal information very seriously and we make the following promises in order to protect it:

Using Personal Information

Personal information is data that can be used to uniquely identify or contact a single person.
And we will use it for the following:

  • To offer our products or information about services.
  • To receive trust from our visitor, and for system development and maintenance business.
  • To send maintenance information about our products, support information, and new product information.
  • For business promotion including employment and recruitment.
  • To perform human resource management.

We acquire personal information only in a range necessary to achieve these use purposes.
We maintain a personal information protection management system to ensure personal information is not used outside of the above range of use purposes. When we recieve an agreement from a person the personal information that we acquired is not disclosed to any untrusted third parties unless it is assumed an exception in laws and ordinances. we carry out thorough measures to prevent these things by our personal information protection management system.

Precautionary measures of the prevention of personal information protection and loss

Regarding prevention and correction in the case of a leak, unauthorized access to personal information or the loss / damage of personal information, we will set out conrete rules in terms of technological technique and organization and take appropriate safety measures. In order to avoid any risks such as unauthorized access and leakage, we will endeavor to prevent risks and prevent recurrence. In the case that a safety issue / problem is confirmed, We will take the necessary corrective action in pursuit of the cause promptly.

Laws and ordinances

We observe laws and ordinances about personal information protection, the guidelines that a country establishes, and other ethics on the when duties lead to dealing with personal information. In addition, We have established internal official regulations, rules within the company and have built a personal information protection management system and manage it.

Continuous improvement of the personal information protection management system

In light of changes of the external and the internal environment, we review it continuously and act for improvement to be thorough for protection policies about personal information in the company and other official regulations, the person in charge who establishes a rule, all employees engaing in duties, and protection of appropriate personal information. In addition, through regularly carried out checks and domestic inspections, as well as reviews by the management, we improve our personal information protection management system continuously.

  • April 1, 2005 establishment
  • August 1, 2012 revision
  • Feng Co.Ltd
  • President Xianfeng He

Complaint, correspondence to consultation

We have a "personal information consultation window", for any inquiries and complaints about personal information, which we respond to quickly.

  • Feng Co.Ltd 'personal information inquiry window'
  • TEL 079-283-0284
  • Call time : Work day 9:00~12:00、13:00~17:30
  • In addition, the 'inquiry' form is available, too.